Flame is a team of experts dedicated many years to development and creation of innovative products at the leading international flavourhouses, who gathered together in order to establish a unique company in the flavour business. Realizing our intention, we strive to concentrate our efforts on creating products and services that will meet the key market requirements:

- Taste and flavour preferences of the local consumers

- Regulatory requirements and limitations of the countries of our activity

- Purchasing power of the countries of our presence

- Best service for our customers with no matter how big they are

- Support for our customers and partners in development and launching their new products

Constantly studying the trends and the taste changes, and predicting the possible changes in the regulatory requirements in the countries of our activity, based on the global experience of our experts we are able to offer our customers with the unique solutions for development and launching their new products to the market.

Widening our portfolio of flavours, we always take into consideration the purchasing power of our customers and the consumer power of the final consumers. We do our best to offer the most effective solutions that we are able to reach due to the purchasing optimization, effective logistics and other processes, however we never forget about the highest quality of our products, which is always at the top priority in our company.

We work hard to provide our customers with the best service, as we know well that in the world of strong competition the demands and requirements of our partners are also growing. We permanently analyze our service and think deeply what and how to make even better, always trying to find unique solution for our customers.

Based on the many years experience in the flavour industry we know well not only "how to do", but also "how NOT to do", in order to make the collaboration with us more effective, beneficial and mutually advantageous.

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