Our flavorists are the core of the company. They are the experts and ones who have achieved the highest levels of flavor creating. Developing the new products, they applied their unique knowledge and experience, accumulated by the years dedicated to researching and development in the top world flavor houses. They construct magnificent palaces of our flavors from more than 2500 ingredients. They are the artisans who comprehend the top secrets of flavor creating. Using their expertise in sensorics, chemistry, physics, biology and even psychology and history, they are desired to make bestsellers to our customers! Our flavorists team are experienced in flavor creating for different markets and countries. They aware the cobwebs and specifics of local preferences, using their multinational expertise for launching and developing new projects. They own the “know-how” and are dedicated to creation of specialized flavoring agents especially for e-cigarettes.

Our technologists are the experts in final product application. They investigate constantly the behavior of our flavors in final products and analyze the results of our flavorists creativity, research and developing activity. They test the behavior of our flavours in different production conditions of our customers' applications, perform flavours stability tests in different transportation and storage conditions, they check and research the shelf life capabilities of our products. Our technologists team is responsible for the Flavours Collection management, they produce the samples to our customers, they manage all the documentation pack for each and every flavour and ingredient and do it according to the strictest legislation of the countries of our activity. And all this apart of the quality control of each ingredient and each flavour produced.

Our supply chain team constantly analyze the possibilities of the best purchasing conditions for every row material in order to provide our customers with most effective solutions for their business. 

Our marketing team is busy not only with the external look of our products, advertisement materials and packaging. One of the advantages of Flame is that our Marketing team is in the constant study of the consumers' preferences in taste in smell, analyze the trends in any industry related to the flavour and taste, not only the e-liquids.

One of the main tasks of our Marketing department is to brief our flavourists for creation of the trends relevant flavours, corresponding to the consumers preferences, changing environment, growing consumption for specific profiles, seasonal or geographic, and even political trends. They know exactly how to predict the future of the flavours preferences and to realize it by the real offers to our customers.

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